The Far Field, A Novel Author, Madhuri Vijay

Shalini is a young woman unable to come to terms with the loss of her mother. She goes through the motions of each day but finds herself remembering a man from her and her mother’s past. A man who disappeared over a decade ago. Shalini decides to find this man from her childhood, with little more than a remembered story as a clue she sets off for the Kashmir State in Northern India. What is she searching for? Maybe to confront the man who she felt wronged her family? Trying to understand the reason he left, never to return?

Shalini sets off on her adventure a sheltered young woman, largely ignorant of the political turmoil of the region she is traveling to. On her way Shalini finds herself forging friendships in unlikely places and wants to help make a difference in the lives of the people she comes to care for. For all her good intentions, she finds herself questioning her choices. 

I enjoyed reading The Far Field. I found Madhuri Vijay’s writing strong, and the character’s were believable. They could be everyday people faced with everyday choices and heart wrenching choices as well. I hope to read future works by this author. 

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