Anne Elliot was persuaded to end her engagement to Frederick Wentworth eight years ago, it was decided the connection was beneath her station. It was a decision Anne still regrets as she still harbors affection for Wentworth.

Due to her father’s poor financial decisions the Elliot’s are forced to remove to Bath and rent out Kellynch Hall, their country home. The home is rented by Admiral Croft and his wife, whom it is discovered is the sister of Captain Frederick Wentworth. The same man  Anne had been engaged to marry eight years earlier. Captain Wentworth and Anne cross paths again. Ann finds that Captain Wentworth is civil yet distant in his manner towards her and cannot begrudge him that after her decision to end the engagement. There is also a perceived attachment between Captain Wentworth and Louisa Musgrove the sister-in-law of Anne’s younger sister Mary.

Persuasion is the story of wether or not Anne and Captain Wentworth will eventually reconcile and live happily ever after, or will they have to live with consequences of Anne’s mistake from eight years earlier? As with Pride and Prejudice there are other minor plots and characters to learn and to keep up with in terms to their own struggles and romances. Persuasion is only my second Jane Austen novel, the first having been Pride and Prejudice. I enjoyed it although I still have to admit that Pride and Prejudice is my favorite.  I am hoping to read more of Jane Austen’s novels this year. Does anyone have any favorites or suggestions?? They are always welcome.

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