The Silver Star

Jeanette Walls novel The Silver Star absolutely captivated me just as The Glass Castle and Half-Broke Horses did.

The Silver Star is the story of Bean and her older sister Liz Holladay. The daughters of Charlotte Holladay they are often left on their own off and on for a few days while their artistically inclined mother seeks her big break.  When Charlotte decides she needs to find herself she takes off leaving her daughters enough money to last a month or two. Bean comes home from school one day to find a police cruiser in front of their house.

The two girls decide it will be best to await their mother’s return in Virginia and take refuge with their Uncle Tinsley in the crumbling family mansion. Bean ever determined to find the positive in any situation takes to their new life in Virginia, making friends and finding her place amongst her dead father’s family along the way. Liz on the other hand becomes more reclusive as time passes. Both girls begin to work for Jerry Maddox a foreland of the town’s mill. As they continue to work for Maddox the discover more of his tendencies to bully his workers and his wife and children.

Liz is eventually as to face an earth shattering event in her life and when she should be able to rely on the adults charged with protecting her safety and best interests it his her younger sister who insists on seeking justice. Together they must face the coming taunts and gossip about that tragic night and as always weather it together.

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