The Light We Lost

“There are moments that shift the trajectory of people’s lives” ~ The Light We Lost written by Jill Santopolo.

Do you ever get the sense that you’re reading a book at the exact moment it will have the most impact on you?? I have been fortunate enough to have this feeling a few books I’ve read and The Light We Lost was one of them.

This is a story of a woman who is lucky enough to find two loves in her lifetime. A love that is all consuming and passionate yet destructive at the same time. And a love that starts with a mild attraction but grows steadily with time and work. Is one better than the other?

*****************Some Spoilers*****************Some Spoilers***********************

Lucy and Gabe share a bond forged over the shared experience of watching the Twin Towers collapse during the attacks on September 11th. Their attraction is instant and perhaps enhanced by the events of that day. I think all who watched the events of September 11th were reminded of how there are no guarantees in this life. That we must appreciate what we have because tomorrow it may be gone and through no fault of our own. While there is no doubt that Gabe cares deeply for Lucy he is constantly putting his dreams and desires before their relationship. In a way it becomes a destructive pattern that ends with their decision to go their separate ways, yet they are not quite able to cut their ties completely and remain in touch.

Lucy and Darren build their bond over time and come to have a deep and binding bond over many shared events in their life together. It is a stable relationship if not maybe sometimes routine and little disappointing at times. Darren is the person Lucy can depend on to be with her day after day, month after month and year after year. Perhaps there are disappointments on both sides, Lucy is surprised by some of Darren’s expectations and Darren doesn’t understand Lucy’s desire of a career over staying at home with the children.  Throughout their ups and downs Darren pops in and out of Lucy’s life. Then Lucy is faced with an event that leaves her wondering at her own decisions thus far and pondering what decisions she has to make in the future.

This was a heartbreaking read, yet one I desperately needed to help me confront some of my own choices.

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