The Huntress

“Jason and the Argonaut, setting off for the Golden Fleece. The original no-chance-we’ll-find-it hunt. But they found it. Perhaps we’ll fid our Golden Fleece too.” ~ The Huntress by Kate Quinn.

Jordon is just a High School student dreaming of a career as a photojournalist when her father meets Anneliese Weber; an Austrian who has escaped war ravaged Europe looking for a new start. After a hasty courtship and even quicker marriage Jordon begins to develop doubts about the woman marrying her father. Just what is she running from and why so many secrets?

Ian was a war correspondent who is still searching for a way to heal from his losses in the War.  He has opened the “Center” and now tracks former Nazi war criminals, determined to hold them accountable for their actions. One Nazi in particular haunts him; Die Jägerin.

Nina was a decorated pilot in the Red Army, and the lone survivor of Die Jägerin’s victims.  She is determined to seek vengeance against her would be executioner.

Three people with seemingly little in commons brought together in the search for Justice. Three people who must decide what Justice means for them. Three people who must decide what lengths they’ll go to in order to find Justice. The Huntress is a novel well thought out and with wonderfully developed characters. If you haven’t already put this book on your to be read list it is a must.

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