Magic Hour

I love a novel that gives me another destination to visit on my list of “places t0 see.” Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah does that for me.

“For years to come she knew that the people of Rain Valley you talk about this special time, when a child unlike any other had walked out of the woods and into their lives and changed them all, and how it had begun in mid-October, when the trees were dressed in tangerine leaves and danced in the chilly, rain-scented breeze, and the sun was a brilliant shade of gold that illuminated everything. Magic Hour.” ~ written by Kristin Hannah, Magic Hour

Dr. Julia Cates is left with a career in ruins after a media scandal, uncertain if she can recover her professional reputation. She has lost her self confidence.

Meanwhile a young girl appears in a small town nestled within the Olympic National Forest. Unable to communicate and traumatized the citizens of Rain Valley rally behind her and protect her from the media frenzy and the Police Chief brings in the best child psychologist she knows; her sister Dr. Julia Cates.

Fighting the odds and her own self doubt Julia bonds with the girl she has named Alice and helps Alice take her first steps into society. Julia also strengthens her own bond with her sister, and forges a new one with the Town Casanova.

This is a novel that showcases the need for we have for connection with our fellow humans. Even a child left abandoned in the wilderness is drawn toward human connection.

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