Beyond The Point

Beyond The Point written by Claire Gibson was my April Book of the Month pick. I joined Book of the Month to try and expand my reading horizons. While I would not normally pick such a novel I decided to give it a go in the spirit of trying something a little different.

Claire Gibson creates a special bond between three West Point graduates in Dani, Avery and Hannah. Three girls who’s only common link is their love of basketball; and their decision to pursue a higher education at the elite military academy at West Point. Dani is an organized girl, driven to succeed. Avery, a perpetual wild child, has an emotionally bankrupt relationship with her parents and is driven by her need to make her own way. Hannah, a traditionalist at heart has grown up admiring her grandfather and his service to the Country and feels compelled to serve in the same manner.

Shared experiences both on and off the basketball court help these three girls forge a bond that seems they will share for the rest of their lives, or will it? Tested by distance and changes or lack thereof in lifestyles it seems that what they once thought was an unbreakable bond is falling apart. Yet when tragedy befalls, these three girls discover the lengths they will go for one another. In so doing they each discover new depths of their own. I end with a favorite quote from Beyond The Point.

“Maybe hope is the only lasting change one human can give to another. And for the first time in my life, I have hope. You gave that to me.” ~ Claire Gibson, Beyond The Point.

May we all find someone to give us hope, or better yet, be the one to give hope to another.

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