From Scratch

“Safe to open my heart, to be vulnerable” ~ Tembi Locke, From Scratch

What does it mean for us to open our hearts? To be emotionally vulnerable???

Tembi Locke found the answers to those questions during her College stay in Italy. She literally ran into the man who would help her discover those answers; the man whom she would come to share a life with. The man who would inspire her to open her heart even more as she put pen to paper and shared the most private events of her life.

A touching memoir to her late husband and his passion for his native Sicily that was so much a part of his essence. Tembi Locke invites us to share in her and her daughters grief at the loss of a husband and father. Share in her first stumbling steps as a widow and a single mother.

Tembi also shares the frustration and anger towards the family that initially disowned Saro for his choice of wife, and how those feelings were overcome. I loved her candor with her experience with adopting their daughter. Her honesty in the unexpected mix emotions of first meeting her daughters biological mother, then of finally meeting her daughter for the first time.

There is so much emotion in this Memoir, I cried and my heart ached for Tembi and her daughter. I even laughed at times. This book is so beautifully written and Tembi’s writing style is so fresh and honest. Also be sure to have some Sicilian fare when you sit down this book, I know I was starving by the time I finished reading it. Ciao!!!

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