Wicked Saints

Things to love about Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan:

  1. A Strong Female lead
  2. Flawed characters that are relatable
  3. A fantasy world to get lost in.

As a woman I love novels with strong female characters. Nadya is a young girl on the brink of womanhood. She has lived her life sheltered in a monastery, hidden from her Country’s enemies. She is headstrong yet throughout the plot she finds herself doubting choices she has already made and decisions she is about to make.

I loved all of the characters in Wicked Saints. Serefin, the prince of the Tranavia. I was eagerly willing to believe him to be the evil doer of bad deeds in this plot, yet as it progressed I found myself sympathetic to his position. I was highly suspicious of Malachiasz’s plans throughout the majority of the storyline but towards the end I found myself routing for him, and I still hold out hope for him in the upcoming installment to Wicked Saints.

I find myself drawn to fantasy worlds based in human history and this novel is full of that. Rich in slavic origins I am still undecided if the world of Tranavia, Kalyazin and Akola is supposed to be its own separate world; or is it supposed to be an ancient past of civilization lost to us??? Our own history is riddled with wars waged in the name of religion and wiping out the heretics so the basis of the war between Tanavia and Kalyazin is all the more believable. It’s only made more exciting by the element of magic and mysticism.

If you enjoy young adult fantasy be sure to check this on out and immerse yourself in this dark gritty world. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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