My Thoughts on The Library Of Legends

Book Title: The Library Of Legends
Author: Janie Chang
The Library of Legends, Amazon The Library of Legends, Goodreads The Library of Legends, Barnes & Noble

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Join University students Lian as she flee’s with her fellow students during the Japanese invasion of Nanking. Set in 1937 China the Government decides to order the evacuations of their Universities in the effort to save their educated citizens and the Country’s cultural history. 

A reserved and quiet Lian finds herself forging unexpected relationships with her fellow students and drawn into the political atmosphere of her time. Along their journey the students also carry with them her cultural legacy in the form of ancient texts of long forgotten Chinese lore. 

Lian finds herself torn between the political factions of her Government and the Socialist faction of the student body. She also finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between involving an boy from a highly esteemed family and a heavenly being.  

Janie Chang has convincingly woven together a narrative of wartime drama and personal conflict with a pinch of myth and legend. I love books that weave together different aspects of humanity and are set in a historical time period. If you enjoy historical fiction this is a definite must read. 

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