The Silent Patient

In the first novel written by Alex Michaelides we are introduced to Theo Faber. A Criminal Psychotherapist who watched from a distant the media frenzy resulting in the gruesome murder of Gabriel Berenson at the hands of his wife of seven years Alicia Berenson. What was a simple domestic tragedy turns media frenzy by Alicia’s silence during the investigation and trial and even after her conviction for her fashion photographer husband.

Alicia’s artwork prices skyrocket’s once her name becomes a source of public fascination and avid followers of the case are determined to cast judgement on the woman through her paintings. Six years after the trial and Alicia’s confinement to a psychiatric unit at The Grove, Theo Faber who found himself one of the avid distant followers of the case finds himself employed at The Grove and immediately sets about on his mission to help Alicia overcome her silence and find peace. Will Theo be able to guide Alicia through the darkness were others have failed time and again, or will her silence be broken, and someone else’s darkness be uncovered?

I found myself captivated by the different twits and revelations throughout The Silent Patient and was surprised by the ending. A highly enjoyable read, if you enjoy a psychological thriller then this is a must to be added to you to be read list. Enjoy!

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