Lost And Wanted

A wonderfully written novel of moving forward after the loss of a loved one and the need to feel wanted by those who are still with us.

Helen is a Harvard graduate and a professor of Physics at MIT in Massachusetts. She is not really surprised when her attempt to return her Harvard roommate’s call and doesn’t get an answer. Then Helen receives a call from Charlie’s husband telling her that Charlie had died the day before the missed call.

During the months that follow Charlie’s death Helen finds herself pulled back into Charlie’s circle. She reflects on the friendship they had and their seperate experiences. The choices they ultimately made and the impact those choices had on their lives. She also finds herself questioning everything she knows or thinks she knows about the Universe.

I was hesitant to pick up this novel, it’s been sitting on my shelf since April. I’m now sorry I hadn’t picked it up earlier. The next time I find myself looking at the sky it will be with my former child-like wonder; What do the stars have to tell us? What questions have we not yet found to ask of the Universe?

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