Well Met

Our scene opens with our protagonist Emily playing chauffeur to her niece. Dedicating herself as all around assistant to her sister for the summer Emily doesn’t think too much of volunteering for the Summer Renaissance Faire so her niece can take part. In fact it may even be a fun diversion.

Emily immediately clashes with one of the organizers, a high school English teacher who strikes her as uptight and resentful. An English teacher she can’t help but be drawn too and repulsed by at the same time. And our stage is set.

Prepare yourself to join Emily and her alter ego “Emma” during her Summer of ups and downs as she immerses herself into the world of Renaissance. At the heart of this romantic comedy is her antagonistic relationship with the mysterious English teacher.

Full of Shakespearian references and comedic moments Well Met is a highly entertaining read. For those romance lovers out there I promise there are some steamy scenes included. Enjoy ❤️

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