Shadow of Night

“Change is the only reliable thing in the world” ~ Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness

In Book Two of the All Souls Trilogy Diana and her vampire husband Matthew time walk to Elizabethan London. The plan is to search for a manuscript that may hold the answers to their origins; also to find a witch to help Diana better understand her magic.

Along the way Diana meets ghost’s from Matthew’s past and comes to understand the darkness in the vampire she has come to love. ¬†Along the way Diana discovers the truth about her magic.

Along the way Diana and Matthew become wrapped up in Elizabethan politics and intrigue, yet they can’t change events in the past for fear of changing the future/present. Along the way we are introduced to a variety of historical characters including Queen Elizabeth herself. As with A Discovery Of Witches; Shadow of Night was fascinating to read with its many dimensions and left me with many questions about what is to come.

Maybe I’ll find the answers in The Book of Life?

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